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There are orchids coming up in here. So B is often used for the birthrate, D for the death rate, and the per capita growth rate is the birthrate minus the death rate. They reduce growth, they are smaller; when they become adults they experience more variation in adult size; they have lower fecundity and more variation in fecundity; and they have higher mortality and more variation in mortality, as they encounter density dependence. It's called the Leslie matrix. These differential equations are not easy to solve; and in fact it's a system of differential equations that are linked to each other. It's going to produce reduced growth, smaller adult size, lower fecundity, higher mortality, and more variation in all of these parameters.

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Adult rabbits weigh one kilo.

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Principles of evolution, ecology and behavior lecture 25 - lecture 36 transcript

This is our population growth rate. Some of them do well against one neighbor, some of them do well against another; as a result of which you get the maintenance of quite a few different species in the meadow and quite a few different genotypes, within a species, both. All of those numbers that we were counting up represented the population as though every single organism in it had the same probability of reproducing or dying; and that's not true. They've been down for several months. So if you're looking here at the species 1 situation, and you start adding in some species 2, then it will hit its zero-growth point, its carrying capacity, at a lower and lower density of species 1, because there's some species 2 there, that are competing with it. They're down in a dark environment. So what that means is that niches aren't pre-existing molds, out there, into which organisms are poured.

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